More Than 8 Performers




  • Five Postcards from the Clouds / 云中的五张明信片 (4 string trios and 4 soloists [flute, clarinet, trombone and percussion])   
    World Premiere: February 24, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall, New York, USA
    Performers: Luisa Mei Bressan, Emmalie Tello, Siyoung Lee, Kalun Leung, Chener Yuan, Jiawei Yan, Erza Escobar, Ji Soo Choi, Christian Barros, Zhihong Li, Molei Luo, Dan Yao, Elam Friedlander, Yukiko Kuhara, Shangwen Liao, Mike Levin
    Duration: 16’    





  • City Under The Moonlight / 月光下的城 (flute, clarinet, 2 double basses and viola ensemble)     
    World Premiere: Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou, China  
    Performers: the viola society in Guangdong
    Duration: 12’     




  • The Rain's Secrets / 谜雨 (16 string instruments)    
    World Premiere: February 24, Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou, China 
    Performers: the string section of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra
    Duration: 12’     




2-8 Performers




  • Becoming Dust / 同尘 (guzheng, accordion and percussion)  
    World Premiere: December 16th, 2021, China Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China
    Performers: Jie Ren, Tianqi Wang and percussionist TBA
    Commissioner: Jie Ren
    Duration: 9’   


  • Dying from the Snow's Memory / 在雪的记忆中消逝 (amplified flute and bass clarinet)   
    World Premiere: October 2nd, 2021, Far at Mixtur Festival, Barcelona, Spain 
    Performers/Commissioner: Vertixe Sonora Ensemble
    Duration: 7’   




  • Can I Breathe? / 我还配呼吸吗? (string quartet)    
    World Premiere: July 21st, 2020, Ticino Musica Festival (remote performance)
    Performers: Quatuor Diotima 
    Duration: 8’   





  • Moment of Cherry Fluttering / 待樱花飘落时 (clarinet, cello, percussion and piano)     
    World Premiere: June 13th, 2019, domaine forget music festival, Quebec, Canada
    Performers: Ensemble Paramiabo
    Duration: 7’   


  • Sonata for Four Music Stands
    World Premiere: February 24th, 2019, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall, New York, USA
    Performers: Derek Koh, Zikun Zhao, Yu-Cheng Chang, Yifan Guo
    Duration: 7’   




  • Wanderer in May / 五月的徘徊者 (string quartet)     
    World Premiere: June 12th, 2018, Salisbury Congregational Church, Vermont, USA 
    Performers: the JACK quartet
    Duration: 13’      


  • Five Postcards from the Clouds / 云中的五张明信片 (flute, soprano, violin and double bass)    
    World Premiere: June 18th, 2018, Salisbury Congregational Church, Vermont, USA
    Performers: Jessie Nucho, Tony Arnold, Claudia Fuller, and Will Yager
    Duration: 11’     





  • Flavor Painting (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano)      
    World Premiere: July 8th, 2017, lorimer chapel, colby college, Waterville, Maine, USA
    Performers: Brian Henry, Karl Ronneburg and Yifan Guo 
    Duration: 18’      



  • Silhouettes 2016 (flute, bassoon, violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, percussion and piano)       
    World Premiere: December 6th, 2017, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall, New York, USA
    Performers: Yifan Guo, Letian Cheng, violin; Jihwon Na, Cello; flute: Jackie Traish bassoon: Tylor Thomas trumpet: Raul Rios trombone: Kalun Leung percussion: Julie Choi piano: Lu Wang conducting: Yifan Guo
    Duration: 18’       



  • Hua~* (2 percussionists)        
    World Premiere: November 9th, 2016, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall, New York, USA 
    Performers: Jeffery Kautz and Lawrence Faucett
    Duration: 15’        




  • Seven Emotions / 七情 (Quartet for Violin, Clarinet, cello and piano)        
    World Premiere: April 30th, 2016, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall, New York, USA 
    Performers: violin: Qianru Elaine He, clarinet: Ethan Usoskin, cello: Sam DeCaprio, piano: Georgi Lekov, conducting: Yifan Guo
    Duration: 24’        


  • Lake Fisherman and Cormorant (string quartet)         
    World Premiere: July 28th, 2019, Steinway Hall, Guangzhou, China
    Performers: violin: Wangrui Xu, Miuyi Wu, Tianchi Song, Jingyi Wei
    Duration: 4’