19/20 season highlights

  • New work will be performed by Quatuor Diotima in Switzerland.

  • ScoreFollower featured Guo's string quartet Wanderer in May.

  • Wanderer in May will be performed by Arditti Quartet in June in Buffalo Festival.

  • French violin virtuoso Alexandra Greffin-Klein performed the violin version of Moon in the Water at New England Conservatory of Music.

  • Yifan Guo conducted Into the Blue by Rebecca Saunders, with Alinèa Ensemble.

  • Ensemble l'Itinéraire performed music theater Nous Duex in Israel.

  • PinkNoise Ensemble China tour presented works by Yifan Guo.

  • Yifan Guo gave lectures at South China Normal University and the Middle School Affiliated to Xinghai Conservatory in December.




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Yifan Guo w. Quatuor Diotima in Switzerland