OVERTURE, interactive visual and musical art installation for chamber music concert


Overture is a virtual and sound installation work for a chamber music concert. I took the concept from the baroque and classical opera overture — an introduction music for settling down the audience and anticipating themes or ideas from the opera. This installation consists of four sound layers and video clips and needs to be run before the concert. To enrich the participant’s experience with the concert, audiences will be invited to engage in this installation through walking into the concert hall and triggering both the audio (layer 3 and 4) and the corresponding video clips (which from the pieces in the program) by crossing the laser line like to watch the movie trail. Without triggering the sensor from the installation, once the concert hall is completely dark after everyone is settled down, the audience will be able to hear the slow-moving textures from the layer 1 and 2 clearly. Originally, Overture was made for my previous personal recital, and it certainly can be used for other concerts. When you open the Max MSP project file, you will see the clips, which was from my previous recital, but you can also simply replace them for other concerts.