Music Theater



  • Nous Deux, théâtre musical pour tam-tam et violoncelle

           World Premiere: December 31st, 2019, Tremolo Center, Netanya, Israel
           Performers: Ensemble I’tinéraire

           US Premiere: February 25th, 2020, Paul Hall at the Juilliard School, New York, USA
           Performers: Issei Herr and Yifan Guo

           Duration: 8’



  • Fragile Balance (violin and cello) 

           World Premiere: November 14th, 2019, St. John in the Village, New York, USA
           Performers/Commissioner: PinkNoise Ensemble
           Duration: 11’




  • Diverge, Converge (trombone, toy player, and electronics) 

           World Premiere: December 6th, 2017, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall, New York, USA
           Performers: Kalun Leung and Yifan Guo
           Duration: 16’







  • Sorrow of Separation/别愁 (mixed chorus and piano)  

           World Premiere: April 14th, 2016, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall, Mannes Centennial
           Performers: Yifan Guo conducts Mannes Chorus, Cong Bi
           Commissioner: Mannes Chorus
           Duration: 6’