New Media Involved


  • Dancing to My Shadow / 弄影 (percussion and player piano)  

           World Premiere: January 14th, 2022, Conrad Prebys Concert Hall at UC San Diego 
           Performers: Yongyun Zhang     
           Duration: 25’   



  • Water / 若水 (piano and live electronics) 

           World Premiere: June 2nd, 2021, St. Petersburg International New Music Festival
           Performers: Alexey Glazkov    
           Duration: 10’  



  • Catching The Fireworks' Tail / 捕捉烟花的尾巴 (8 Hulusi and ring modulation modules)  

           World Premiere: TBA
           Performers: TBA     
           Duration: 11’   





  • Under_ / 潜_ (flute and electronics)

           World Premiere: TBA
           Performers: Xiaoyu Lin  
           Duration: 17’ 





  • Chasing the Phoenix, for trombone and electronics

            World Premiere: December 10th, 2018, Curtis Field Concert Hall, Philadelphia, USA
           Performers: Guangwei Fan and Yifan Guo 
           Duration: 7’ 


  • Resurrection, after Bach Crucifixus/复活 (iPhone and live video) 

           World Premiere: June 16th, 2018, New Music On the Point Festival, Vermont, USA
           Performer: Yifan Guo
           Duration: 7’ 





  • SUCK (piano, live electronics and microfilm) 

           World Premiere: January 7(2018), National Sawdust, New York, USA
           Performers: Huizi Zhang and Yifan Guo 
           Duration: 7’