21/22 season highlights

  • New work for percussion and disklavier will be premiered by percussionist Yongyun Zhang at UC San Diego

  • Becoming Dust for zheng, accordion and percussion will be premiered in Ren Jie's guzheng recital in Beijing

  • Dying from the Snow's Memory, for amplified flute and bass-clarinet premiered in Spain in Mixtur Contemporary Festival by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble on October 2nd and studio recording by Xiaoyu Lin and Vakos Dukovska in Shanghai

  • Moon in the Water will be performed by the Chinese young violin virtuoso in TeamLab Shanghai on November 6/7, 2021, and Tri Space on November 28, 2021

  • New work for PinkNoise Ensemble

  • New work for the brass ensemble from the New World Symphony

  • Shanghai Tri Space gives Guo's portrait concert in 2022

  • Lecture in Sichuan Conservatory on December 6/7/8, 2021

  • Lecture in Guangzhou Opera House on July 12/14/16, 2021




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