More than 8 players



  • Five Postcards from the Clouds / 来自云中的五张明信片 (large ensemble version)

           World Premiere: February 24, 2019, Ernst C. Stiefel Concert Hall at Mannes School of Music, New York, USA
           Performers: Yifan Guo conducts Students from the Juilliard School, Mannes School of Music, and New England Conservatory of Music
           Duration: 15’

          https://youtu.be/cYV2Pr09YTQ (video)
          https://soundcloud.com/yifanguo/sets/five-postcards-from-the-clouds-for-4-trios-and-4-soloists (audio)
          https://issuu.com/yifan.guo/docs/five_postcards_from_the_clouds__large_ensemble_ver (score)



  • City Under the Moonlight / 月光下的城 (flute, clarinet, viola ensemble and 2 contrabasses)

           World Premiere: Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou China
           Performers: Members of Guangdong viola associate
           Duration: 14’



  • Rain / 迷雨 (16 solo string instruments)

           First recording: February 15, Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou China
           Performers: Yifan Guo conducts Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra
           Duration: 13’



2-8 Players 



  • Can I Breathe? / 我还配呼吸吗? (string quartet)

    World Premiere: July 30, 2020, Ticino Musica Festival, Switzerland (remote performance)
    Performers: Quatuor Diotima
    Duration: 7'30"





  •  Moment of Cherry Fluttering / 待樱花飘落时 (clarinet, percussion, cello and piano)

           World Premiere: June 15, 2019, Le Domaine Forget de Charlevoix, Canada
           Performers: Ensemble Paramiabo 
           Duration: 6’


  • Flares under the Shadow (cello and piano) 

           World Premiere: April 24, 2019, Ernst C. Stiefel Hall 
           Performers: Jiwhon Na and Yifan Guo
           Duration: 6’


  • Sonata for four music stands / 为四个谱架而作的奏鸣曲

           World Premiere: February 24, Ernst C. Stiefel Hall 
           Performers: Yifan Guo, Derek Koh, Zikun Zhao, Yu-Cheng Chang
           Duration: 9’



  • Wanderer In May/五月的徘徊者 (string quartet) 

           World Premiere: June 13, New Music On The Point Festival, Vermont, USA
           Performers: the JACK Quartet

           French Premiere: July 30, 2018, Château de Fontainebleau, France
           Performers: Ashley Park, Leqing Wang, Yin-Ying Tseng and Dilshod Narzillaev

           US Premiere: February 24, Ernst C. Stiefel Hall, New York, USA
           Performers: Yue Qian, Ji Soo Choi, Jiawei Yan and Issei Herr

           Chinese Premiere: February 24, Steinway Hall, Guangzhou, China 
           Performers: Wangrui Xu, Miuyi Wu, Tianchi Song and Jingyi Wei

           Additional Performances: June in Buffalo Festival by Arditti Quartet

           Duration: 13'

            https://soundcloud.com/yifanguo/wanderer-in-may-for-string-quartet-2018 (audio)
            https://youtu.be/C_0lA9Vp-PQ (ScoreFollower)
            https://issuu.com/yifan.guo/docs/wanderer_in_may__for_string_quartet (score)


  • Five Postcards From The Clouds/来自云中的五张明信片 (flute (piccolo, alto flute), soprano, violin, and bass) 

           World Premiere: June 18, New Music On The Point Festival
           Performers: Tony Arnold, Claudia Fuller, Jessie Nucho and Will Yager
           Duration: 11’




  • Hua~* II, for 2 percussionists and WeChat player

           World Premiere: December 6, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall
           Performers:  Brian Henry, Karl Ronneburg, and Yifan Guo
           Duration: 15’ 



  • Flavor Painting, for 6 musicians/百味图 (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, and piano) 

           World Premiere: July 8, Colby College, Atlantic Music Festival 
           Performers:  Kenneth Cox, Nick Walshe, Matthew Stiens, Lior Willinger, Holly Nelson, and  Elizabeth Kovalchuk 
           Duration: 8’ 



  • Silhouettes 2016, for 8 musicians /剪影2016
    (flute (piccolo), bassoon, trumpet, trombone, piano, percussion, violin, and cello) 

           World Premiere: December 6, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall
           Performers:  Yifan Guo, Letian Cheng, Jihwon Na, Jackie Traish, Tylor Thomas,  Raul Rios, Kalun Leung, Julie Choi, and Lu Wang
           Duration: 19’ 



  • Three Chinese Folk Pieces (brass quintet) 

           World Premiere: February 5, blender workspace 

           Duration: 13’



  • Hua~* (2 percussionists) 

           World Premiere: November 10, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall

           Performers:  Jeffrey Kautz and Lawrence Faucett

           Duration: 16’ 


  • Untitled for 8 musicians 

           Duration: 10’ 



  • Seven Emotions/七情 (violin, clarinet, cello and piano) 

           World Premiere: Ernst C. Stiegel Hall (

           Performers:  Yifan Guo conducts Qianru He, Ethan Usoskin, Sam DeCaprio and Georgi Lekov

           Duration: 23’ 


  • Music for string quartet 

           World Premiere: Mannes Recital Hall 

           Duration: 11’ 



  • String Trio 

           Duration: 5’ 


  • Lake, Fisherman and Cormorant (string quartet) 

           Duration: 5’ 


  • Games (flute, trumpet, trombone, and Percussion) 

            Duration: 7’