• Chasing the Phoenix, for trombone and electronics

            World Premiere: December 10, Curtis Field Concert Hall, Philadelphia, USA
           Performers: Guangwei Fan and Yifan Guo 
           Duration: 7’ 


  • Resurrection, after Bach Crucifixus/复活 (iPhone and live video) 

           World Premiere: June 16, New Music On the Point Festival, Vermont, USA
           Performer: Yifan Guo
           Duration: 7’ 




  • SUCK (piano, live electronics and microfilm) 

           World Premiere: January 7(2018), National Sawdust, New York, USA
           Performers: Huizi Zhang and Yifan Guo 
           Duration: 7’ 



  • Diverge, Converge (trombone, toy player, and electronics) 

           World Premiere: December 6, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall, New York, USA
           Performers: Kalun Leung and Yifan Guo
           Duration: 16’ 



  • Hua~* II, for 2 percussionists and WeChat player

           World Premiere: December 6, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall
           Performers: Brian Henry, Karl Ronneburg, and Yifan Guo
           Duration: 15’ 



  • Glimmer in the City (electronics and live generative video) 

           World Premiere: October 27, Temple University 
           Duration: 3’ 



  • 2 Bagatelles (piano and live electronics) 

           World Premiere: April 11, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall
           Performers: Mayumi Tsuchida and Yifan Guo
           Duration: 7’