•  In the Abyss of Mirrors, I've Forgotten How to Forget / 在镜子的深渊里,我忘记了遗忘 (piano)

           World Premiere: N/A, Performance Center at CUNY, New York, USA 
           Performer/Commissioner: Fifi Zhang 
           Duration: 12'




  • Moon in the Water / 水中月 (violin or viola)

    World Premiere (viola version): February 24th, 2019, Ernst C. Stiefel Hall, New York, USA 
    World Premiere (violin version): May 17th, 2019, Bard College, USA
    Performer: Kunbo Xu (viola) / Bihan Li (violin)
    Duration: 8’ 

           Recording: (2020 version, recorded by Liucong Feng)
           Score: (viola version)
                 (violin version)




  • Touching Between The Parallel Universes (solo piano or four microtonally tuned pianos) 

           World Premiere: September 29th, 2018, Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall, New York, USA
           Performer/Commissioner: Huizi Zhang
           Duration: 5’ 



  • Scattered Words/散语 (violin) 
    World Premiere: December 6th, 2017, Ernst C. Stiegel Hall
    Performer: Qianru Elaine He
    Duration: 13’